HVLS Fans-One Fan For Winter & Summer

//HVLS Fans-One Fan For Winter & Summer

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An HVLS fan is a large ceiling fan that moves a High Volume of air at a Low Speed. The low speed delivers gentle air movement rather than disruptive wind, and circulating a high volume of air effectively distributes airflow over a large area. They are designed to circulate the air in your facility more efficiently and effectively. HVLS fans have benefits year-round.  They keep people cool in the summer and in the winter can be used for de-stratification, a process that mixes warm air from the ceiling with cooler air at the floor.  Creating a more comfortable environment while saving on energy costs, because they operate at low speeds, HVLS fans use a fraction of the power of conventional fans. For use in warehouses, gymnasiums, manufacturing plants, dealerships, high ceiling facilities, open office spaces and more.


  • Compliments Existing Systems
  • Reduces Condensation, Corrosion & Mold
  • Save 20-30% on Energy Costs
  • Quiet Operation
  • Reduces A/C Usage
  • Evaporative Cooling
  • Set A/C Set Points Warmer by 10-15º Without a Noticeable Difference
  • Reduces Perceived Temperature Between 10-15º
  • Increases Employee Comfort and Productivity
  • Alternative to Air Conditioning


  • Minimizes Temperature Differential from Ceiling to Floor
  • Reduces Heating Usage & Costs
  • Recycles and Redistributes Heat Through Space
  • Pulls Trapped Heat Down to Occupant Level Without a Breeze
  • Increases Employee Comfort & Productivity
  • Eliminates Hot & Cold Pockets
  • Energy Efficiency & Cost Effectiveness
  • 1-2 Year Return on Investment
  • Operates for Pennies an Hour
  • Maintain a Comfortable Environment all Year Long

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