Benefits of Infra-Red Heaters

How Infra-Red Cuts Costs

Infra-red heaters cut fuel costs by lower temperature settings – Building heat loss is in direct proportion to the difference between the inside and the outside temperatures. With RE-VERBER-RAY®, the heat is directed to the floor and not trapped at the ceiling. Therefore, you can lower thermostat settings between 5 and 10 degrees and still maintain desired comfort levels at the floor. The high efficiencies of infra-red equipment has resulted in our customers experiencing fuel cost savings of 50% or more.

“…dual stage operations can improve comfort conditions”
2000 ASHRAE Handbook
H.V.A.C. Systems and Equipment
15.4 Controls; Atlanta, GA

It is a generally accepted fact that gas-fired infra-red heaters save energy, and therefore dollars, over hot-air heating systems. International Radiant and Detroit Radiant Products are committed to not just making claims, but to documenting those savings through independent scientifically conducted field tests.

Dual Stage / Two Stage Technology

  • 12% minimum fuel savings (over single stage infra-red)
  • Faster heat loss recoveries
  • Improved comfort levels
  • 35% reduction in equipment cycles
  • Design protection benefits

Traditional sizing of heater units has always been based on the maximum or high fire mode. However, as can be seen in the chart above, the high fire mode is only required for 7% to 15% of the total heating hours. Re-Verber-Ray Two-Stage Infra-Red Tube Heater Systems will more accurately meet the needs of today’s industrial and commercial buildings.

Benefits of Infra-Red Radiant Heating

  • Energy costs are reduced
  • Space is saved
  • Comfort level is improved

Infra-red radiant heating is:

  • Energy efficient
  • Simple
  • Flexible